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So... What do you do?   We're glad you asked.



Have your business logo, club, music, or own art printed! Whether you're a musician, YouTube streamer, D&D DM, or artist, you can personalize your apparel to reflect what makes you, you. We also do custom bandanas, great for any event!

Printed size tags


If you're like me, itchy size tags are the first thing I rip out of  a new Tee or Hoodie. Make a statement with custom size tag including your logo, size, and "made in" information. (image size permitting)



Have an idea that you can't quite get down to print? Maybe you want a fresh new take on an old logo? Let us know! We have art services available to help your image become a reality.

Live Screenprinting


Have an event going on and want something cool to showcase? We can come to you! We can bring designs either provided for us by you or we can bring our own. 

Heat press


Getting that perfect thin smooth feel on cotton can at times be daunting. Especially with light colors on dark materials. Add a heat press service to flatten and smooth out the ink to get that fashion white look.



Stickers are an awesome hand-out no matter what you've got going. It's honestly the next best thing after a T-shirt.

Poly Bagging


Let us pre-bag your items for you! With this time saver, each piece is individually bagged and sealed for optimum protection. Add labels to complete a professional presentation.

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